Podcast: The Return of Inexpensive EVs

The transition from ICE to EV requires affordability. There are plenty of electric vehicles on the market priced above $50,000. Still, it's vitally important that EVs priced under $30,000 make their way into the market. While the Nissan Leaf starts below that threshold, the best-selling EV that didn't have a Tesla badge and started under $30,000, the Chevy Bolt was recently discontinued. 

Fortunately, GM has announced plans to bring the Bolt back and automakers including Ford and Jeep have announced upcoming models that will compete with the Bolt on price.  

On this episode of Tomorrow Today's Sustainable Briefs podcast I talk about the return of the inexpensive EV and how that will impact adoption and increase employment opportunities. 

The Tomorrow Today's Sustainable Mobility Brief podcast is published every other Tuesday with quick updates on the latest news, trends, and advancements that will impact our world for years to come. 

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