What New Mobility Employers Want: Tesla

Tesla Workers in Gigafactory
Credit: Tesla


During SAE's Sustainable Careers in New Mobility: Transforming the Workforce for Sustainability virtual event, Tesla recruiters shared with the audience the company's hiring practices and what it means to become a Tesla Intern. 

The Tesla team of Rob Santos (senior technical recruiter), Annie King (staff recruiter, engineering), and Brianna Delacruz (senior technical sourcer) shared information on what Tesla is looking for from resumes and applications. 

The team also shared information about what's expected of Tesla interns noting that the internships last from three months to a year and are a full-time commitment. 

For those looking for full-time work, the recruiters broke down the interview process and tips for those applying for roles within the company. 

You can watch more videos from the event including what recruiters are looking for and insights into the world of sustainability. For future virtual events, be sure to check out SAE's free RIDE (Real-Time Interactive Digital Events) including the upcoming 2024 Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Conference being held online March 5 - 6.

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