Direct client:: W2:: Need Sr. MS 365 Exchange Administrator with SCADA, CEMS Exp.:: Jacksonville, FL

Synergy Technologies
Jacksonville, Florida
Nov 20, 2023
Nov 22, 2023
Position Type
Full Time
Organization Type
Corporate, Other Corporate
W2 Contract to Fulltime position

GC and USC Only

Role: Sr. Microsoft 365 Exchange Administrator

Location: Jacksonville, FL (Locals or Very near by candidates required)

This position now requires being onsite.

Job Description:

A Microsoft 365 Exchange Administrator is responsible for managing and maintaining the Exchange Online environment within the Microsoft 365 suite. Their primary role involves overseeing the email infrastructure and ensuring that email services are running smoothly for users within the organization. Email Management: They handle all aspects of email management, including configuring email accounts, creating distribution groups, managing email addresses and aliases, and setting up email policies and rules.User Provisioning: Exchange Administrators provision and manage user mailboxes, including creating new mailboxes, granting or revoking mailbox access permissions, and managing mailbox storage limits. There are several certifications available for Microsoft 365 and Exchange Administration. Must have at least 1 certification and 2+ years of experience.


IMMEDIATE MANAGER: Varies by functional area/department.



Knowledge of:

• Systems administration and maintenance.

• Installation, maintenance and troubleshooting of infrastructure hardware and software.

• Network integration and protocols including TCP/IP.

• Data storage and communications.

• Local/distributed Networked computing environment concepts.

• Operating system commands and utilities.

Skill in:

• Developing, installing or supporting servers, workstations and peripheral equipment.

• Managing user accounts.

• Installing or supporting a variety of applications.

• Troubleshooting and resolving multiple hardware and software related issues.

• Writing scripts in an administrative language such as Tk, Perl, VBScript, etc.

• Using database management tools.

• Following and facilitating change management process.

• Testing software or hardware related to enhancing, upgrading or new installations.

• Planning, constructing or altering programs to support performance tracking.


Core Control Systems:

• Establishes and removes user accounts and creates network environments.

• Monitors and manages system resources, including server performance, CPU usage, disk usage, tape backup systems, and response times to maintain operating efficiency.

• Analyzes, diagnoses, troubleshoots/resolves system hardware, software, networking/production issues.

• Conducts server builds, applies patches, release upgrades and modifications to server operating system hardware and software.

• Performs system backups and recovery procedures.

• Maintains system documentation and logs.


• Demonstrate advanced experience in applicable Supervisory Controls and Data Acquisition system(s).

• Create, maintain, and update programming for various DCS/PLC industrial control systems.

• Install, configure, and maintain HMI/SCADA software along with associated SQL databases.

• Maintain, replace or install new DCS/PLC industrial control equipment.

• Create and maintain a current inventory of all SCADA computers and associated equipment.

• Coordinate and work with site staff to provide DCS/PLC industrial control system interface support.

• Assist in engineering to install new or to modify network devices, also help assess feasibility and compatibility with the existing and emerging SCADA technologies.

Programming and Database Management:

• Develop and update custom applications and web applications

• Manage and maintain Microsoft SQL databases.

• Coordinates with production data warehousing to ensure reliable connectivity and accurate data collection of SCADA tag data.

Site Resource:

• Serves as a site subject matter lead and trains others in installing, operating and troubleshooting DCS/PLC and SCADA systems.

• Testing hardware and software related to enhancing, upgrading, or new installations.

Knowledge of:

• Federal, state, local and industry laws, regulations and permitting requirements.

• Data analysis techniques and methodologies, including control charts and outlier analysis.

• Advanced concepts of Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems.

Skill in:

• Utilizing scripting languages for server automation (i.e. VBScript, JavaScript).

• Developing and maintaining customized reporting solutions for adherence to permitted requirements.

• Integrating server/PLC systems.

Ability to:

• Monitors and manages continuous emission monitoring system (CEMS) server resources to maintain high response times and operating efficiency.

• Coordinates and works with site staff to provide support for DCS/PLC/CEMS server integration.

• Reviews CEMS OEM vendor invoices to ensure accuracy and appropriate use of resources.

• Plan for new or modification to existing CEMS systems to ensure compliance, feasibility, compatibility with existing and new air monitoring technologies.

• Plans for re-engineering of existing systems, replacing inadequate systems and system expansion.

• Integrate Pi & PMAX steam cycle model data into the Environmental Permit System.

• Maintain the "local" CEMS/PLC network used for environmental monitoring.

• Maintain fiber optic network that supports environmental stack testing.

Programming, Website & Database Management:

• Develop and update custom environmental scripting applications and web applications.

• Manage CEMS SQL databases using clients such as Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio.

• Develops and manages automation using Scheduled Tasks on the CEMS Windows Servers.

• Develop and manage "schematic" of the Air Monitoring Permit System and troubleshoot code written in VBA, .NET, EXCEL, Access, etc.

Systems Backup & Disaster Recovery & System/User Security:

• Performs CEM system(s) backups, plus develops & maintains the CEMS system(s) Disaster Recovery/ Business Continuity procedures.

• Establishes and removes user accounts using the NetDAHS Edge client.

• Responsible for ensuring appropriate levels of service are in place for hardware and software

Regulatory and Pollutant Monitoring Systems:

• Monitors plant procedures to ensure that pollutant analyzers are maintained by the site in accordance with US 40CFR Part 60, 63, 75 & 98, and the applicable Florida Administrative Code (F.A.C.).

• Provides regulatory guidance to plant personnel regarding CEMS equipment and processes.

• Instructs and guides the site in the proper QA procedures regarding the CEM systems.

• Uses NetDAHS client to configure and manage CEMS Alarm & Episode events in accordance with permit and other appropriate regulations.

• Understands the relationship between power plant process flow and resultant emissions to identify potential issues with environmental monitoring equipment.


Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Computer Science or related discipline and four (4) years of professional experience in a system administration role in a large corporate or industrial environment for the discipline and/or specialty area(s) being recruited


Eight (8) year combination of education, training and experience in installing, supporting, and maintaining servers and other computer systems in a large corporate or industrial environment for the discipline and/or specialty area(s) being recruited.

Experience for Technology Services (Select applicable skillset(s) for Discipline being recruited)

Windows: Three (3) years of experience must be in a Windows environment.

Unix/Linux: Three (3) years of experience must be in a Unix/Linux environment.

Middle-Tier: Three (3) years of experience must be in the middle tier environment (operational support).

Storage Architecture: Three (3) years of experience must be in storage management.

Experience for SCADA

Windows: Three (3) years of experience must be in a Windows environment.

Industrial Control Systems: Three (3) years of experience must be in a large centralized industrial control and data collection systems environment.

Experience for Environmental Services

Windows: Four (4) years of experience must be in a Windows environment.

Environmental Regulatory Systems: Four (4) years of experience with environmental regulatory systems and applications preferred.

Industrial Control Systems: Four (4) years of experience in large centralized industrial control and data collection systems environment preferred.

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