Environmental Engineer - Air

Pixelle Specialty Solutions
Chillicothe, Ohio
Nov 25, 2023
Dec 15, 2023
Position Type
Full Time
Organization Type
Corporate, Other Corporate
Job Description

Supports all activities required for Clean Air Act and Title V compliance for the Ohio Operations and provides technical expertise on air quality to facility Environmental Manager.

Duties & Responsibilities

Provide assistance to facility Environmental Manager in obtaining air quality-related permits and maintaining compliance with those permits.

Assist facility Environmental Manager in developing the best response to new regulatory requirements.

Maintain a comprehensive knowledge of air quality related laws and regulations at all levels of government.

Communicate critical information to upper management, facility personnel and customers.

Work with company management, legal counsel, facility personnel and other parties to develop legal and technical information for complex air quality projects.

Manage and allocate resources for air quality projects including selecting and managing consultants, vendors and contractors.

Provide leadership and guidance on environmental air issues both inside and outside the company.

Responsible for CEMS performance, testing, recordkeeping and quality assurance for several industrial sources required to continuously monitor emissions of pollutants and/or operational parameters.

Perform routine daily system checks. Analyze emission data for compliance, calibrates CEMS equipment, maintain log book for each CEMS system, coordinate stack testing, and is on call for CEMS malfunctions. Maintain QA/QC plans and records.

Perform quarterly linearity tests on CEMS. Prepare and submit quarterly CEMS reports to regulatory agencies.

Manage certified gas bottle onsite inventory needed for CEMS calibration.

Assist with RATA Testing and coordinate and document results. Assist in the preparation of Title V, Part 75 and Part 60 reports.

Manage all stack emissions testing and reporting such as those required by Title V, NESHAP, and NSPS, and coordinate stack emissions testing conducted for mill informational purposes only.

Monitor progress on periodic limits and communicate progress to mill personnel as needed.

Prepare annual and semi-annual Title V Compliance Certifications for submittal by Responsible Offical.

Maintain records and submit periodic emuission reports, including those required by: Clean Air Act (Title V), annual air Emissions Inventory, SARA Title III- Section 313, RCRA Continuous Release, TSCA Chemical Data Rule, Greenhouse Gas Reporting Rule, Pulp and Paper MACT, Boiler MACT, Paper and Other Web Coating MACT, Rice MACT, RACT.

Respond to environmental incidents/spills/releases on a rotating on-call schedule. This includes coordinating cleanup and preparation of information for regulatory authorities as needed.

Coordinate and maintain records for periodic compliance tasks, for example: monthly inspections required by the Pulp and Paper MACT and tune-ups required by Boiler MACT.

Accompany state or other regulatory inspectors for on-site inspections.

Assist with other Environmental Department activities as needed.