Senior Software Architect - Propulsion System

Auburn Hills, Michigan
Dec 02, 2023
Dec 06, 2023
Engineering, Software
Position Type
Full Time
Organization Type
Corporate, Other Corporate
TITLE : Senior Software Architect - Propulsion System

DUTIES : Create re-usable Software Components for Propulsion System Features. Identify common functions across programs and deploy to production programs using platform. Develop software driven strategy. Design, Develop Software Architecture for Propulsion System functions/features. Establish Software Architecture Guidelines for Application and BSW layer SW development. Implement RTE configurations and generate RTE files. Develop SW Variant management strategy for engine, transmission, electrification and Hybrid projects. Prototype latest AUTOSAR concepts and deploy concepts to Powertrain projects. Review Implementation of Controls Simulink Model algorithms. Review high level Implementation of BSW Modules and CDD SW components. Responsible for multi-core runnable/function portioning. Participate in AUTOSAR Consortium work groups, AUTOSAR Global conferences. Prepare SW component ARXML files using standard AUTOSAR tools (dSPACE SystemDesk, Davinci Developer etc.). Support troubleshooting of issues in deploying AUTOSAR software stacks and FCA-defined software components. Establish and maintain a working knowledge of AUTOSAR standards. Work with internal, Tier 1 and Tier 2 software engineers to consistently deploy FCA's Powertrain. Software Architecture Strategy across Powertrain engine, transmission, hybrid and electrification projects. Support FCA and Tier 1 engineers with training and general support. Develop Guidelines for efficient SW Implementation. Participate in AUTOSAR tools supplier evaluations. Support Legacy and next generation projects Controller resources optimizations. Support SW debugging issues.