Stormwater Compliance Technician

Clean Earth
Carteret, New Jersey
Jan 21, 2024
Feb 15, 2024
Position Type
Full Time
Organization Type
Corporate, Other Corporate
Job Description

The Stormwater Compliance Technician is responsible for the overall performance of the facility stormwater system and for dust control on site. The tasks include inspecting, maintaining and cleaning the stormwater collection and conveyance structures and truck tire wash as well as performing tasks that control fugitive dust emissions. The job also involves general housekeeping and site inspections.

Primary Responsibilities (Essential Functions):

Assists, supports and participates in the many phases of stormwater collection, conveyance, and discharge process, including drains, frac tanks, pond and weir system maintenance, cleaning, inspection and repair activities.

Removes dirt, sediments, and other materials from drains, weir and inlet system and site roadways.

Performs and document regular site and surface water system inspections.

Performs routine maintenance work to maintain best management practices for stormwater, dust control and track out, and site housekeeping.

Takes part in annual stormwater pollution prevention training

Maintains wheel wash performance to the highest standards by inspecting and cleaning system components.

Maintains record keeping up to date for site inspections, truck tire wash and street sweeper logs.

Operates street sweeper and water truck on site (not on public roads).

Wears and uses proper PPE and performs all tasks within safety standards and adheres to safety regulations and protocols.

Performs other duties as assigned.