Electronic Warfare Systems Engineer with Security Clearance

Washington, Washington DC
Feb 24, 2024
Feb 29, 2024
Engineering, Systems
Position Type
Full Time
Organization Type
Title: Electronic Warfare Systems Engineer
Type: Direct Hire Location: remote with meetings onsite in DC
Washington, DC 20001
Security Clearance: Active Top Secret with SCI is Required. Job Description:
The Electronic Warfare (EW) Engineer will analyze, plan, organize, execute, monitor, integrate and assess EW operations, threat environment, and technical requirements. The EW Engineer focuses the efforts of EW systems, both air and ground, against adversary personnel, facilities, or equipment with the intent of denying, degrading, disrupting, neutralizing, defeating or destroying enemy capabilities, while protecting the use of friendly electromagnetic system operations through active coordination, integration and de-confliction. The EW Engineer will integrate EW into the targeting and planning process as well as assist in the development of the enemy EW order of battle, EW target information and products, intelligence, and target selection standards. Leverage existing processes or Integrated Air Defense System (IADS) modeling and simulation analysis tools, object models, and analytical techniques effectively. Analyze the performance of military communication or sensor networks, unmanned aircraft system (UAS) sorties, susceptibility to IADS, characterization of concept alternatives, development planning, and new systems, technologies, effectiveness, and lethality. Analyze and document details for various mission scenarios. Maintain responsibility for analyzing and conducting the technical processes or phases of projects and coordinating the efforts of other technical or engineering support personnel. Duties & Responsibilities: 1.3.1 Support to Enterprise Engagement
The Enterprise Engagement Division (AF/A2/6LE) is tasked with transforming the agency approach from organizing, training, and equipping for legacy electronic warfare to holistically conducting electromagnetic spectrum operations by consolidating previously separate functional areas (e.g., electromagnetic warfare, spectrum management, and elements of space control and cyberspace operations). AF/A2/6LE is responsible for liaison with:
(1) the LeMay Center for EMS-related doctrine development