1D Performance Engineer

Segula Technologies
Auburn Hills, Michigan
Apr 08, 2024
Apr 30, 2024
Position Type
Full Time
Organization Type
Corporate, Other Corporate
Job Description

Responsible for developing engine performance and engine system simulation models using 1D virtual tools. Functions include model building, correlating and evaluation. Candidates should be capable of managing multiple projects and provide technical insight into problem solving, leveraging the model results.

This position requires a fundamental understanding of combustion engines and utilization of 1D CFD Software for modeling, focusing on performance and fuel efficiency for early design and architecture development. Leverage the large sets of DOE and optimization techniques of 1D modeling to address complex and multivariable problems.

Key Responsibilities

Develop 1D engine simulation models in GT-Power for various engine architectures, incorporating complete engine system components such as intake and exhaust systems.

Conduct steady-state engine analysis, emphasizing torque, power, and fuel consumption.

Perform transient engine simulations to support engine control algorithm evaluation and vehicle performance assessment.

Create Fast Running Models (FRM) to support controls (MIL & HIL) development activities.

Innovate analytical techniques for modeling engine technologies, minimizing test data requirements.

Provide design recommendations at the component and/or system levels to design responsible engineers based on analysis results.

Participate in product design and development teams, regularly presenting analysis results to engineering peers and management.

Appropriately convert 3D CAD into 1D model geometry using correct discretization techniques.

Write and publish Standard Operating Procedure documentation.