Senior Network Engineer (771008)

Placement Services USA, Inc.
Somerville, Massachusetts
May 18, 2024
May 25, 2024
Position Type
Full Time
Organization Type
Perform network planning, analyze network key performance indicators, and assess next generation RAN technologies. Support customer payload development and engineer payload systems for autonomous Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Lighter-Than-Air vehicles, including designing, developing, and building wireless networks and systems. Lead wireless payload conceptualizations, specifications, and final designs, identifying risks with other subsystems, recommending mitigation plans, defining Key Performance Indicators, and uncovering systems tradeoffs outside the payload and networking domain. Propose solutions to challenges and risks through new inventions and approaches, including novel Radio Access Network specifications, functionalities, and integrations; system-level modeling and simulation; and network design, planning, and optimization. Adhere to best practices and design basis to identify and implement opportunities that improve processes, methodologies, and technical approaches in the wireless, radio frequency, and networking domains. The employee may be permitted to work from home as the schedule permits but must be able to report to the office on a regular basis at least 80% of the time. Domestic and international travel possible for field assessments; not to exceed 20% of time.
2 years of experience as a Network Engineer, Analysis Engineer, Network Analyst, or related. Must have 2 years of experience (simultaneous and concurrent with the 2 years of experience required above) with radio frequency and network engineering of Radio Access Network technologies and wireless payload systems; modeling and simulation of dynamic systems in the radio frequency domain; analysis of communication platforms; analysis of communication system regulations; or network planning, network optimization, and data analysis.
Bachelors degree in Network Engineering, Telecommunication Networks, or related/foreign equivalent

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