Senior Embedded Firmware Engineer

Motivo Engineering
Gardena, California
May 21, 2024
Jun 10, 2024
Position Type
Alternative Fuels
Full Time
Organization Type
Corporate, Consulting
We are looking for a hands-on Senior Embedded Software/Firmware Engineer. What does that even mean, and why should you consider working for us? After all, we're not Facebook, Google, or Amazon. We don't have hundreds of millions of active users. We're also not Lockheed, Northrop Grumman, or L3, so you won't get to work on projects with millions of lines of code with 5+ years to deliver. Here's why you might find us interesting:

We build things that solve real-world problems. We create solutions to client challenges using a smart balance between efficient software and elegant hardware. Our teams are multidisciplinary, so you'll work alongside some of the best mechanical, electrical, mechatronics and systems engineers in the business. Solutions come together in weeks to months.

We're a product development firm. Imagine contributing to a new project every few months. Sounds unbelievable? Those opportunities are constantly available to our team members. Each project is an opportunity to solve unique design challenges and grow in the process. They're pretty cool projects, too! We have some examples on our website, but the most exciting ones we're not allowed to talk about!

We offer a collaborative learning environment, and there are a lot of really smart people that work here. Want to follow in the footsteps of a PhD roboticist? What about learning more about the simulation of dynamic systems? How about learning distributed control algorithms that run on heterogeneous networks? We have a bunch of other generalist engineers on staff in a wide array of engineering disciplines.

We emphasize outcomes over process. Each project defines the right amount of design rigor. Some things like source control are part of every project. Other things, like extensive test coverage, are warranted for some projects and not for others. Who decides the right amount of rigor? You do. We're not going to fret over style guides unless it serves the team or the client well.

Motivo is a project-based small business focused on the development of mixed-discipline products for clients, spanning mechanical, electrical, and software system design and prototype builds with an emphasis on tightly integrated multidisciplinary systems. We develop products in diverse market segments including agriculture, automotive, aerospace, medical/health, consumer devices, power delivery, pro sports and clean energy. Motivo specializes in taking solutions through both conceptual and detailed engineering phases, solving complex engineering challenges along the way, and transitioning the initial concept to a fully engineered solution.


Good candidates will have many of these characteristics:

BS degree or higher in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or other related field.

At least five years of applicable professional experience.

Strength in at least one general-purpose, low-to-mid-level, compiled language. We primarily use C, but have also used C++, Go and Rust.

Strength in at least one higher-level, object-oriented, interpreted or JIT-compiled language. We use Python, but have done some projects in Javascript, Typescript, Java and Kotlin.

Experience developing embedded applications on microcontrollers (e.g. ARM-based controllers, we use STM32 most often) and embedded Linux systems (e.g. Raspberry Pi).

Experience developing basic desktop applications for Linux, Windows or macOS.

Proficiency working on Linux systems, including on the command line/terminal.

Proficiency with a version control system (we use Git).

Working understanding of computer networking principles and basic ability to debug.

Interest in working on multi-disciplinary teams building robotic systems!

Strong ability and desire to collaborate with and guide less-experienced team members.

Positive, solutions- and outcome-oriented attitude!

Ideal candidates may have some or many of these characteristics:

Eight or more years of directly applicable work experience.

Strong ability to develop or translate system requirements and features into well-structured and well-implemented code.

Ability to break down large tasks, delegate work and guide teams to successful deliveries.

Ability to architect complete applications and outline them visually with block diagrams.

Ability to communicate well with stakeholders outside the project team, like advisors or clients.

Experience using 3rd party APIs and frameworks (UI, web, backend, elastic).

Experience developing iOS and Android apps (cross-platform is best!).

Experience developing server, cloud, or elastic services.


We're convinced that working on interesting projects with great team members is hands-down the best part of working at Motivo, but we also have some pretty sweet benefits including company-wide profit sharing, high-quality insurance plans, 401k matching, generous paid vacation time, a Monday-Thursday 4/10 work week and more!

Base Salary Range: $120,000 - $170,000

Annual Profit Sharing estimate: $18,000 - $34,000

Salary is dependent on experience, knowledge and interview performance.