Technical Safety & Regulatory Compliance (TSRC) Student Program - Environmental Compliance Engineer

Auburn Hills, Michigan
May 21, 2024
May 23, 2024
Safety / Security
Full Time
Organization Type
Corporate, Other Corporate
The Stellantis Technical Safety and Regulatory Certification (TSRC) S tude nt P rogram P articipant will have the opportunity to work in the exciting world of regulatory certification and compliance. This role perform s certification and compliance testing and analysis to support emissions and OBD (Onboard Diagnostics) certi fication for all vehicles sold in the United States and Canada .

The student may be assigned different responsibilities in multiple rotations . These assignments will provide an opportunity for hands on experience with vehicle testing , data analysis , and presentation s to management , as well as tool build ing to improve how we run our business .

This is a hybrid position, which will require approximately 60% onsite work with the balance being remote work. The on-site work will be performed at the Stellantis Technology Center in Auburn Hills, Michigan and/or at the Chelsea Proving Grounds (CPG) located in Chelesa, Michigan. This is a year-round position where students are required to work 24 hours a week during normal business hours Monday-Friday.

Assignments May Include:
  • I n Use Verification Testing : Tailpipe emissions or evaporative emissions testing would be performed on customer vehicles to monitor performance of vehicles in actual customer use . Resu l ts would be prepared and validated for agency submission . Testing would be coordinated with te s t labs in Au burn Hills, M ich i gan . This task will provide hands on experience with test definition systems, test vehicles, and test labs.
  • Production Vehicle Evaluation testing : Coordination or technical information, testing of vehicle OBD systems, and troubleshooting or OBD system issues will be performed on production vehicles to verify performance for OBD compl i ance reporting . This task will provide hands on experience with veh icles and tools that interface with propuls i on system c o mputers . This task will also provide experien c e with how diagnostics are performed on . Testing may be coordinated with an outside supplier .
  • OBD communication system testing : Conduct testing to confirm that the vehicle has the ability to properly communicate data required by regulation to a service scan tool.
  • Development of tools to improve or automate processes : The student employee will be given the opportunity and encouraged to identify ways to improve efficiency in testing and/or reporting of results.
  • Regulatory certification and compliance : Perform i nvestigation s of issues related to the performance of emissions-related components in the field .