Network Engineer US Job Stage 6

Ampcus Incorporated
Plano, Texas
Jun 24, 2024
Jun 27, 2024
Position Type
Full Time
Organization Type
Corporate, Other Corporate
Supplier should use the following competence profile as the minimum requirements to select and submit experienced candidates. All the criteria should be met: "Minimum ten (10) years experience with BSEE/BSCS or applicable experience. Recent experience in radio network design, implementation and/or tuning/optimization systems is required. "Leadership experience is required for five+ projects. Two projects must be the leader for all technical activities in a large scale (major metropolitan area or statewide geographic area) and responsibilities must include technical organization and oversight of work and demonstrated excellence in communications with team, project manager, and customer "Experience in working with different services including 5G NR, Massive MIMO, mmWave, LAA (License Assisted Access), 4G LTE, IOT, CBRS and/or multi-vendor "Understanding of layer 3 messages for 4G and 5G "Able to perform event analysis and address accessibility, retainability and HO success rate issues Design "Extensive experience in planning tools such as Planet EV and Atoll "Detailed understanding of the link budget "Detailed understanding of inputs required, and how to create a new project in a planning tool, tilt/azimuth optimization, proposing new site locations etc. "Have used the ACP (Automatic Cell Planning) tool "Able to make recommendations to improve a network design (cell plan) "Detailed understanding of Monte Carlos Analysis "Able to perform model tuning Identify add-on sales opportunities Tuning "Able to make recommendations in parameter changes, feature activations on drive test data to improve the system performance "Detailed understanding of optimization tools such as TEMS investigation, Actix, Agilent and R&S "Experience in tuning a loaded network, and understand the difference between artificial and real traffic loading "Detailed understanding of Layer 3 messaging "Able to collect and analyze drive data and performance statistics, and solve complex issues "Knowledge on how IRAT procedures can affects the overall network quality "Suggests improvements to tools "Understand the impact of adding additional carrier(s) on the network including 5G Optimization "Has the competence to implement and experiment on RAN features relative to traffic analysis "Understands the relationship between Handovers and Network Capacity, and how to optimize both "Detailed knowledge of the ENM, and how to operate the optimization tools "Detailed knowledge of KPIs and able to make recommendations to improve them "Understand how enhance uplink tuning is performed "Detailed understanding and experience in LTE/5G optimization Additional skills "Proficient with MS Office "Flexibility of extensive travel within the US "Excellent verbal and written communication skills "Ability to operate with high degree of independence, while managing project and customer expectations "Ability to coordinate activities with various departments, divisions and companies "Ability to identify and interpret customer requirements, and develop plans to address them PREREQUISITE REQUIRED TRAINING/CERTIFICATIONS: Supplier is responsible for ensuring that Personnel have the necessary qualifications and certifications required to perform the Work described herein prior to beginning Work, including Ergonomics and any refresher training required to maintain such certifications. Supplier is responsible for tracking and will pay for forty (40) hours of training required for the Work per 12-month period including training fees, all training time, and any travel expenses and compensable travel time required to attend training. will be responsible for time attending required weekly safety shorts and any additional training that is required for the Work and approved in advance by the Resource Manager. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Note that Supplier is responsible for compensable travel time and expenses related to ensuring Personnel is in the Base Market at the start of the assignment and for Personnel s demobilization out of the Base Market at the end of the assignment. In addition, Supplier is responsible for paying Personnel for compensable travel time to the first work site as designated by and from the last worksite back home or to the hotel. Travel time (as opposed to mileage reimbursement) shall not be charged to and shall not pay Supplier for any such time. Personnel may charge compensable travel time between worksites during a workday in s time and expense tool. Supplier is also responsible for paying Personnel for all administrative time, for example, time spent setting up a computer, communicating with Supplier, completing paperwork or training required by Supplier, entering time into Supplier s timekeeping system, etc. No administrative time may be charged to or entered in Agency Handler without approval by the Resource Manager.
Resources are expected to be in Telecommunication offices in the following locations: St Louis, Overland Park KS, NYC, Seattle, Denver, Phoenix, Baltimore, Bloomington MN, Philadelphia. This request is hiring for multiple positions. Positions are customer-facing as either a delivery market lead or a technical SME- please be sure to provide qualified candidates only.