Mechatronics Engineer

Motivo Engineering
Gardena, California
Jun 24, 2024
Jun 25, 2024
Position Type
Full Time
Organization Type
Corporate, Consulting
Motivo is looking for diverse Mechatronics Engineers to join our team as we work on some of the most interesting challenges in a variety of domains.

Who are we?

We are a relatively small group of engineers, fabricators and technicians taking on the latest and most high-tech challenges we can get our hands on. Our reputation in the start-up world is that of a bolt-on product development and engineering team that can help make dreams reality. We are the magic behind some of the fastest growing EV companies, robotics developers, and aerospace R&D programs.

What's it like?

An engineering role at Motivo means broad ownership and education. There are no "cogs in the machine" here. You'll be responsible for ideation and feature definition, system level design, client and vendor relationships, and hands-on hardware bring-ups. You'll have a seat at the table with CEOs/CTOs and have a voice to contribute to product strategy and viability. We are a premium engineering consultancy and our clients' success depends on you being involved and shaping the big picture. We're convinced that the team and projects are hands down the best part of working at Motivo, but we also have some pretty sweet benefits including company-wide profit sharing, high-quality insurance plans, 401k match, generous paid vacation time, a Monday-Thursday 4/10 work week and more!
Base Salary Range: $80,000 - $100,000
Annual Profit Sharing estimate: $16,000 - $20,000
Salary is dependent on experience, knowledge, and interview performance.


Success at Motivo is largely driven by hard-work, creativity, and collaboration. For mechatronics engineers, we expect baseline proficiency and/or professional experience within electrical, mechanical and/or software engineering.

Within the electrical domain, your skillset may include hardware design (PCB, wire harness, electronic systems), hands-on skills (debugging, bench testing, soldering), and/or firmware development (C/C++, controls, test scripting, version control).

In mechanical engineering, we want to see capabilities in mechanism design (planning, modeling, verification), hands-on skills (prototyping, fabrication, testing), and/or analysis (static, dynamic, thermal).

Within software engineering, the best engineers will be able to write maintainable code that allows a system to perceive and interact with its environment (via embedded processor, PLC or computer system), interact with users (frontend development for mobile devices, local computers or web servers), or manage data on the backend (API dev, database management). Modeling and describing physical systems in mathematics and code is particularly useful in many robotics programs.

In short, a successful mechatronics engineer at Motivo will be able to contribute meaningfully within at least two engineering disciplines. Everyone has a mix of experience, which we value, but we tend to look closely for people that get excited to learn new things and expand their skillset.

Keywords for the algorithm

K-means clustering of recent projects suggests these keywords might help us find you:

Custom electronics, electrical/electronic control systems, prototyping, wireless communication, power conversion, machine vision, sensors, perception, motors, motion control, optics, robots, robotics, industrial automation, MATLAB, Simulink, controls, SAE, CAD, mechanical analysis, hydraulics, chassis design, kinematics, injection molding, additive manufacturing, simulation, android, iOS, embedded, servers, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Zigbee, USB, UI, UX, PLC, API, databases, agriculture, automotive, aerospace, medical, health, energy.